Med Maritime Srl is a service society that operates in the maritime sector within health and safety on the workplace.
Occupational physicians, technicians, consultants make up our staff, which is coordinated by us at the service of Ship Owners needs.
We offer a range of related services that can be activated as a complete programme or as spot interventions based on specific requirements.
Our strength is to offer expertise and professionalism whilst responding to law requirements, providing services related to health and safety on board.
Our history has made us interpreters of the shipping sector, to which we feel belonging.


Our mission is to offer our customers a service which is professional, always up to date and tailored-made, to contribute to the health and safety of crew members. Our passion is nurtured daily by the need to find new, adequate and quick solutions to the unexpected.

Why choose Med Maritime

We help you work better: we are at the forefront and at our Customers’ side, to always ensure the necessary support and skills to ease the pressure of normative requirements, deadlines and management.

We are always there: the understanding of the on-board environment makes us aware of the absence of timetables and festivities on vessels. This is why we do not have availability restrictions for our customers.

We are committed with you: our ethics guides all our choices, and has guided us through the years, always leading us to avoid improvisations and easy shortcuts, and to always choose informed and compliant solutions.

Our strength: is you. Our best partners are our customers. Their feedback allows us to improve and find dedicated solutions. In a sector full of unexpected events and bound to strict legislation, we have learned to find opportunities within difficulties.

What we do speaks for us: for details on the specific services we provide, visit the services section.

To asses together an adequate solution to your needs contact us.