Our work speaks for us

Since 2002 Med Maritime Srl works on the filed with its team of operators, doctors, technicians and consultants.

Med Maritime Srl was established in 2002 to respond to ship owners’ requirements following the implementation of Decree 27 /07/1999 n. 271.

In particular, the legal obligation defined in Art. 23 of mentioned decree, namely the organization of the Appointed Physician Health Surveillance, has brought us to plan regular interventions on board vessels.

Direct contact with the on-board environment, has put us face to face with the need, and at the same time the opportunity, to develop and offer a series of other services for the vessel and the ship owner.

Through the years, the daily work  in close contact with ever-new and often unpredictable criticalities of the shipping sector, has contributed to shape a precious experience and flexibility, which combined with the competence of our team allows us to offer rapid, compliant and dedicated solutions to the variety of needs of our customers.

Med Maritime Srl was the first organisation offer ship owners an integrated service to comply with legislation and at the same time to solve safely and professionally the big and small difficulties encountered on-board. This has allowed the society to acquire the most important Italian ship owners and to become a leader in the sector.

In the early years, our activity took place mainly in the Mediterranean, as most Italian Flag vessels’ routes were concentrated there. Through the years, the flag territory stopped coinciding with the shipping lanes. Routes changed and Med Maritime Srl rapidly adjusted to a new, more globalized and unpredictable scenario. Our teams of Doctors, co-operators and technicians travel worldwide with portable equipment to bring our solutions where it matters.

Together with new requirements, the new International legislation, in particular MLC2006 has dictated new challenges for the sector.

Med Maritime Srl has expanded its borders further and has extended its services to foreign flag fleets, to support the shipping environment facing the strict requirements of the new regulation.

Today Med Maritime Srl boasts a solid and close-knit team, always ready to find the most adequate solutions to satisfy its customers’ needs.